Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meeting this Saturday, February 14, 10 AM in gardening area

Here's a tentative planning "to-do" list...

1) Plant starter seeds for March/April plantings that will go in the greenhouse.
NOTE: -Bob M. is going to bring a lot of seeds, so if people don't have any ... you get 'em free!
2) Brainstorm needed "groups/committees"
3) Weed the rest of the hillside
4) Begin work on a drip irrigation system (pending parts from Bob M.)
5) Discuss the "Maathai tree" idea

Here is a beginning list of possible committees/groups and some folks who we know want to be involved:

1. Composting : moving, development, monitoring : Tanner, Grayson, Preston, Conner
2. Community garden (possible donations eventually): _______________
3. SEAK garden committee: Molly Jensen, Jeanette Holliday
4. Greenhouse/seedlings: Becki Gillum

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