Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workday on February 7, 2009

First, Zack from McIntire's Nursery gave us a quick lesson on gardening. He spoke about what we need to add to our soil and about what we can grown now. We then assigned individual beds to groups of 4 to share.

Next everybody started working. We had close to 30 people today, including Southwestern students, staff, faculty and other volunteers from the community. This picture was taken from the hillside where we were weeding.

Some began mixing compost in with the dirt in the raised beds.

Others added a layer of mulch on top of the compost and dirt. This bed also got a little embellishment from the rock pile which contains leftover rocks from campus construction.

This pair just finished mulching a bed. (names please?)

Finally, we got to plant.

Here's our lettuce crop.

This bed has lettuce and broccoli.

And here are some onions.

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