Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2-17-09 Saturday Workday & Party Plans!

Here's what we might expect as far as garden projects this Sat...

For Sat, 10-1:
-install drip irrigation
-weed the communal beds, which will then be cultivated
-dig up the soap berry (?) trees
-dig a fire pit for the celebration
-build one more raised bed garden with available materials?
-weed the rest of the hillside for squash planting
-get seeds into greenhouse trays

For the evening celebration:
-bring a food dish, if you can; but if you can't, come anyway; I'm going to have some grass-raised, free-range beef for grilling from a local organic rancher for any carnivores present
-bring a favorite nature- or tree-related poem or passage (could be your own!) or favorite quote from Wangari; we'll read these as we plant the tree

No doubt I'm forgetting something, but that seems like enough for one day. Looking forward to seeing you all and furthering our veggie land reclamation efforts!

all best,

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