Saturday, November 27, 2010

Compost Haikus from the Campus!

And these are the masterpieces the campus produces when challenged to an ode for Compost-

Yet another buzz

shoo fruit fly; go away.

Do not bother me.

- Alexis

If compost is food

and compost is also dirt

cut the 5 sec. rule

- From a ground eater

Composting is good

I love to compost all the time

This is really cool

- Lorenza Cigawa*

Composting go green
composting go green 4life

Composting go green

- Nate Carnes

Vegetables good

Meat & dairy are no good
composting rocks! Yeah!
- Shannon

I like to compost
I especially like bugs
fruit flies are my favorite part

- Laura Woode*

La cucaracha
In the kuka, in the trash…
Ach Mϋll. So ein Mist!

Today I had lunch
It’s bad but I’ll have revenge
Time to compost it.

- Kyrie Cassih

Bugs, worms, dirt, food scraps

Sounds lovely to me + earth

Plants eat it all up!

- Lauren Kholdee*

1 comment:

farmer michelle said...

worm poop is golden
rich nourishment for the soil
waste feeds us again