Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garden Update -- Jan 17, 2009

Happy New Year, garden folk, and welcome back to school!  I wanted to update folks on some work I did today, and also urge our group to think about getting some veggies in the ground soon, since planting time is ... well ... about now.  Our window of opportunity is closing, and I think it would be wonderful to have at least a couple of "model" gardens for spring so that others begin to get excited about the possibility of using the space.  

Work update: I finished the second bed off and completed a third bed today.  I think they look pretty good and are ready to receive a baptism by soil.  One possible hitch is that I didn't follow the old adage "measure twice and cut once" and so the space for a walkway between the beds is narrower (4 ft) on one and larger (6 ft) on the other.  I went off the pavers that were laid out already and assumed that they were properly spaced, so didn't realize my mistake until the work was done.  

Next things: I think we should get the soil in as soon as possible (any updates from Bob?).  Perhaps we should aim for this weekend as a time to put some starter plants (e.g., lettuce) in; that is, if the soil is in the beds by that time.  We also need to discuss who is responsible for what bed.  I vote Jeanette has the #1 bed (or pick) since she got the ball rolling (sort of the Honor Garden).  

One more thing while I'm thinking of it: I was told by a permaculture (gardening) expert that an 8x8 bed is far too big without some sort of path that divides it so that a person can reach the plants.  He recommended (after the soil is in) putting a row of pavers down the middle of each raised bed so that one can have access to the center part of the bed without falling face first into the soil.  I agree.  This could also let us divide our beds up for those who want a smaller starter garden to experiment with.  How's that sound?  

So... this coming Friday morning anyone (say 9-12am)???

dig, dig, dig,

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